Three days in a green country hotel and conference center,
near Frankfurt International airport in Germany.

About SeminarZentrum Rückersbach

We've enjoyed many unconferences at Rueckersbach over the years. The recently renovated hotel rooms, friendly staff, and plentiful, varied buffet meals in the dining room have kept us coming back, again and again. There's an outdoor Biergarten, a small playground, room to wander, and visitors can book time at the small Wellness/Spa area.

Location Details:

SeminarZentrum Rückersbach GmbH
Kolpingstr. 1
63867 Johannesberg

Facilities, at-a-glance (in German)

Tel: +49-6029 / 9718-0

Getting there:

The venue offers clear travel instruction in German (also robo-translated to English here)

  • from Frankfurt/Main airport (FRA)
  • from Aschaffenburg main train station (Aschaffenburg Hbf)
  • by road

Ride sharing:

As the event approaches, we hope to help you locate partners for taxi and ride sharing.