Navigating in Uncertainty

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Dear friends, who are interested in our Wholeheart OpenSpace unconference...

With heavy hearts, we have cancelled the Wholeheart event scheduled for June 1-4. This reflects the global priority shift we're all experiencing, as we grapple with the spreading #COVID19 virus.

This was not an easy decision, because we deeply believe that such encounters, 'beyond polarities', would do us all good right now - and we already see how "social distancing" brings yet more polarities into play. But, given what's at stake, we feel it's the right time to pause and recalibrate. To stay in touch with our continuing plans, please join our mailing list.

What happened?

On Wednesday, March 11th, #COVID19 was declared a pandemic by the WHO. In response, european schools are closing, towns are declaring limits on public gatherings, and supermarkets are running out of key items. Increasingly, companies encourage, or require, their employees to work from home. And there's anxiety around caring for our sick and elderly. It's all new, and there's a lot to figure out.

At the same time, people are stepping up to the challenge, fostering community spirit in this time of retreat. Have you seen the moving videos of Italians singing in windows and balconies, and cheering for their healthcare workers? In the UK neighbours are dropping off postcards that offer to grocery shop for shut-ins. And online communities are activating, or forming anew, to offer connection and support.

Right now, so many of us are preoccupied with these changes, fears and opportunities - and, as community organizers, we support this redirection of attention. We must all invest our energy to help slow down the spread of #covid19, and so we've canceled our event.

What is next?

Our vision, to "unleash abundance," is strong, and our team still wants to contribute to hope and connection, even after canceling our event. We are already discussing new ways to create the important conversations we all need now, online.

Stay informed - and help us!

We'd like to inform you, and invite your help, as we move forward.

Rest assured...

... this is not the end of the WholeHeart idea, or our commitment. We don't know yet what the future holds - and we want to trust that we will again thrive on the other side of this setback. And then, we will work again toward a lively and personal encounter with you all. We really look forward to that. We hope you do, too.

Until then: breathe deeply, be practical, calm the fear and turn up the love. Bring your best, whatever that is, to your family and your community: shop for seniors, lead online yoga, organize homework circles, and co-work online with friends.

What if...

What if this is the beginning of the big shift we've all been preparing for? We believe you're an important part of what comes next for this world - one small step at a time.


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